About the Site

In the beginning, the site was established in the hopes of bridging the gap between the multitude of faiths in the world. It was a desire to make people understand each other. As we grow, we eventually realize that the old saying regarding the horse and water is true.

Unveiling spiritual gnosis is not generally well received. No one can be forced to understand a concept outside their own comfort zone of knowledge. Today, the site merely leaves the door open for those willing to walk through.

The Name

Kyouri is a name derived from Nihongo meaning ‘one’s heart; one’s mind’.

The Logo

KyourisLogoDesignThe logo used to consist of two parts – a sword and the intertwining dragons. Today, it just the dragons.

At a base level, they are both representative of gnosis (knowledge). On a deeper level, the sword and the dragons (serpents) have similar yet different meanings. They have been used and represented throughout various cultures dating back to pre-bilbical ages.

The Scriptorium

The crux of the site – the gnosis. The site originated as a personal blog in 2011. It was designed as an online notebook to store thoughts and research. While the main subjects have not changed, the writings have.

Today, the Scriptorium is dedicated to the findings of years worth of research in the same areas it has always been – spirituality, epistemology, psychology, philosophy, herbology, and other topics that fall under the occult umbrella. Also listed are links for others to explore in their own search, as well as information pertaining to ancient and modern beliefs.

With that said, this is fresh start. Along the way, a great many of my earlier writings have been lost. The few that survived are the first to be posted here without edits. Perhaps it is a good thing some were lost to time (and bad servers and hard drives) for it gives me the opportunity to re-explore those things I still hold dear with a new understanding, while letting go of those that were apparently no longer meant to be.