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originally written December 2006

An old phrase that grows with us as we learn more and more and think about more and more. At each stage of our lives we think about things and then bring those things into focus. After focusing upon them, we then bring forth that which we originally thought about. As we age, our thoughts become deeper and more focus is required, but the manifestation is all that much greater. As we grow older still, our thoughts seem to be upon the surface of our minds once more, and our focus is so quick that the manifestation happens almost instantaneously. It’s either due to years of practice or less time spent in focusing.

As children we think about climbing that tree. We focus on the lower branches to make sure they will hold our weight. After the assessment, and finding that it is a sturdy trunk to climb… up we go. A few years later we start to think about who we will be when we grow up. We think and think and think about it but most do not put forth much focus into it at all… that comes much later.

When later arrives, our thoughts are turned to our budding adult lives and our futures. We start to think about all the responsibilities that adulthood holds in store for us. We start to think about what type of career and/or family we wish to have. We then start focusing upon what it will take to get us there. After years of, uhm, college education… and having not lost our focus, we finally manifest our original thought. Still, there are others that learn through life in a ‘natural’ setting of education, and they too focus upon what they want.

As older adults we start thinking about the little things once again. We think about what types of plants we wish to see in our gardens. We focus on the plot where the garden will go, and then viola, there, right before us, with little effort and little focus, our manifested thought is in full bloom.

On a deeper and more personal, philosophical, or even spiritual level, people tend to think and think and think…. It’s much harder to focus upon any one thing because there is no real concrete thing that our thoughts can stand firm on. We assess our lives and start re-thinking everything that we once thought to be true. We start thinking about the endless possibilities of the things we never really thought of before. Then we realize that perhaps we were not really thinking in the first place, we just manifested something without any focus on it at all. When this happens, we end up creating a world that is not our own. A fleeting thought without any focus can be hazardous to our lives and the lives of many others around us.

Once realized, we have the option of finally putting a focus upon our thoughts and seeing what manifestation we wish to achieve. In the process of trying to correct an ill-fated error, we find that it takes alot more strength than we originally thought, for now, so much damage has been done, that it almost becomes unbearable.

It’s a good idea for all of us to take time out to reassess our lives. We should all go back to that original thought and re-focus upon it. If we find any error in the original manifestation, then it is time to change it. For as Gmonkai is so quick to say….. change is…………

Gmonkai was a friend of mine that passed away in September 2007.

Photo by Di Lewis from Pexels