Opening Statement

Alot of thoughts, opinions, and questions circling around, some always lingering close by, others revolving with the cycle of Jupiter’s revolution around the sun, all begging to escape.

After many years, more than I care to count anymore, it’s finally time to open up and let them all loose. Where they land will depend upon the given day, the given situation, and the given level of understanding in that very moment.

There will be days when opinions will have formed in a way that makes it appear I care too much or don’t care at all. Sometimes those opinions will stick, other times they will change, especially when new thoughts start filling the gaps.

The thoughts and questions presented tend to hearken back to those formulated at an early age and circle around the edges of life itself, largely non-political but not without spiritual or historical reference. More often than not they are the same as the majority of humanity contemplate from time to time, or dedicate their lives to. At times there may be a few that will ignite thoughts and questions in others.

Keeping things simple, the main categories are introspection, which can cover a vast array of subjects; perspective, which changes often as perspectives are, in my opinion, objective; reviews, mainly from those things that I have personal knowledge of.

All in all, this site is a means to open the gates and see what falls out. Even if it’s trash, it’s something.

Bottom line: this blog is all me. While I encourage open conversation, and value various opinions, I also reserve the right to keep my blog on topic. I may be harsh on some days and not others. If you can deal with that, I invite you to join in the varied ponderings.