Driving with Uber Eats
Food ordering and delivery service.

Driving With Uber Eats

Uber Eats is an American online food ordering and delivery platform launched by Uber in 2014 and based in San Francisco, California. ~Wikipedia

Initial View

Signing up to drive with Uber Eats is a little confusing at first. Unlike the other gig jobs reviewed on this site, UE allows it’s drivers to access their accounts on a web browser as well as the app. However, when viewing the online account it appears that the driver is signed up to drive with Uber (transporting passengers). This is mainly due to the fleet page and the fact Uber Eats doesn’t ‘pop out’ anywhere.


Overall, Uber Eats, like Grubhub, is one of the more laid back and easier gig jobs to work. There are no credit cards because all customers pay through their own app. Drivers can also just log on at any time in any UE zone. The only real downside to driving with UE is they do not provide insulated bags so you will need your own.
A couple of things that sets UE apart from other gig jobs is their promotions. They offer drivers discounts on a variety of things such as car maintenance, insurance, and phone service. If you obtain your own Visa Debit Card through Uber Eats, you can cash out for free up to five times a day. Also, whenever you use your UE debit card you can get further discounts on things such as gas at any gas station.
Out of all the gig jobs I have personal experience with, UE is the most well designed. This is probably due to their origins being around longer through their original Uber start-up. As for pay, no one should expect to get rich working a gig job. Uber Eats does have random percentage-based peak times almost every day of the week. Their pay also tends to be better than that of Door Dash.

Final Note

Uber Eats does not offer a large incentive to sign up new drivers. Unlike other gig jobs where the incentives can be upward of $100, UE only offers $10 that is payable once the new driver completes 100 deliveries.
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